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Keeping up appearances

Though it may seem like shoe trees are more of an accessory, cast in a supporting role, they are totally integral to the maintenance of your highest quality footwear. When you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in a killer pair of shoes, it’s important to always keep them looking as great as they did the day you brought them home. Keep them looking sharp with the Original.


keep your shoes elegant

Here at The Original Shoe Tree Company, we take considerable care to craft fine shoe trees. Your shoes are the first thing people notice. Shoe trees are the meaningful and unexpected way to make your best impression, to keep your expensive dress shoes looking elegant.

our difference

breathable Wood

Wood is a great choice for shoe trees because it is breathable, absorbing moisture and wicking it away from the leather of your best shoes. Cedar is our top choice of wood because in addition to having all the same great qualities as other types of wood, it also imparts a wonderful smell. 

solid Construction

Lower quality shoe trees often don’t have a full heel, which can contribute to an undesirable stretch in the shoe, deforming it over time. But our shoe trees closely resemble a cobbler’s last – meaning they have a full heel and toe, thereby supporting the entire shoe as the leather rests. 

easier Polishing

Because of the complete support offered by our shoe trees, they act as helpers with cleaning and polishing too. You don’t need to keep one hand inside the shoe to provide resistance for the polishing cloth to do its job, so polishing becomes much easier and your shoes look even better.

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