Why do you need shoe trees?

You’ve just landed that new job you’ve been dreaming of.

This is your first big step up the corporate ladder, the hours and hours of studying in college have finally paid off!

That degree is finally going to work for you, for a change. Mom and dad are proud, and you’re pretty excited too. Congratulations, you’re on your way!

You go shopping and you drop a ton of cash on a couple of new suits, but you need to make a good impression so it’s worth the money.

You remember that you have a pair of good dress shoes for the occasional wedding or funeral, and they’ve always done you well so you decide that you don’t need to invest money into a new pair right now. Soon. One thing at a time, you think.

Back home trying to figure out what to wear on Monday, you extract your trusty old dress shoes from the depths of your closet and put them on with your new suit. And they just. Don’t. Look right.

In your mind, you had the shoe on the right in your closet. But in reality, you’ve got the one on the left.

If it’s true that you’ve got to dress for the job you want, it’s time to get back to the mall pronto because you just landed the job you want and this wrinkly shoe business ain’t gonna fly!

You need some new shoes. And get some shoe trees this time!

Shoe trees may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you’ve already spent $400 or more on a great pair of shoes, they really can save you money in the long run by preserving your investment for years to come.

Essentially, shoe trees hold a shoe in its proper shape, to prevent wrinkling and creasing of the leather and extend the life of your expensive leather dress shoes.

When shoes are worn all day long, there’s a lot of heat and sweat happening, and this makes the leather very porous and pliable.

Removing your feet is also removing the structure that’s been supporting the shoes from the inside, what is now very soft leather.

The leather eventually dries out, which is great, but in the process it also deflates, loses its shape, wrinkles, becomes brittle, and ages much faster than you want it to.

Shoe trees allow for the leather to dry out while maintaining the shape of the shoe, so every time you put your shoes on, they are a perfect fit.

In short, if you’re investing the money in some really quality shoes, and appreciating the significance of such a purchase, shoe trees are a given. For anyone who revels in the luxury of such fine things as a beautiful pair of leather shoes, it follows that they must be cared for with the same fineness and luxury.

Shoe trees are a great idea for any leather shoes and boots, mens or womens styles. If it’s leather, has a closed toe, is worn a lot (or is rarely worn), shoe trees are a necessity for extending the life of your best shoes.

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